Dance Shoes



  • We recommend 2.5” or less for beginners (anything more becomes increasingly difficult)
  • Shoe Types: latin sandals, social dance shoes, character shoes, or practice shoes
  • Ladies toes should be flush, if not, close to flush with the tip of the dance shoe for easy tracking and pointing of feet across floor while dancing
  • Size: Typically smaller than street shoe size


  • We recommend 1” for beginners
  • Shoe Types: ballroom/standard, social dance shoes, or practice shoes
  • Size: Typically street shoe size

Overall Note

  • Fit: snug & slightly tight, but not too tight and not too loose. Your feet shouldn’t be at risk of slipping out while dancing, therefore putting you at risk of an injury.
  • Shoes will eventually “break in” to the shape of the wearer’s feet, making them fit and move comfortably as you dance.

Shop Local in Cache Valley

  • Dance Shop of Logan
    • 521 N Main St Logan, UT 84321
    • Price range from $47-95
  • Laurel Jensen has a new and unused pair for sale!
    • Size 8 1/2
    • $25 only
    • Contact her @ 435-760-6599